Ghost Trakkers

Ghost Trakkers

An immersive theatrical comedy project, parodying ghost hunting television shows like “Ghost Adventures.” Acting as writer, director, and producer along with collaborator Johnny O’mara, we developed a three-person group of paranormal investigators lovingly called the Ghost Trakkers. Events in the project included a in-person e-book signing, a haunted treasure hunt, and the live screening of a full-length pilot episode of Ghost Trakkers.

The Ghost Trakkers returned in Winter of 2016 with a live show “The Ghost Trakkers Ruin Christmas,” in which they defeated the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, sprayed beer all over the floor, and graduated from the Daytona University College of Mindfreakonomics Certificate Program. Stay tuned for more ghost investigation in your area soon!


An immersive-theater production, starring Chicago comedy community stalwarts as member of an entirely real Scandanavian pop band competing to be the next winners of the Eurovision song contest.