Podcasting and Voice Acting

In addition to my writing, I am active in the podcasting and voice acting communities. Here are some of my current self-run projects and recurring audio drama performances:


Paired is a short-form audio drama that debuted on May 24th, 2019, and airs weekly every Friday. Each 8-10 minute episode of Paired details a short narrative seen through the eyes of ‘Pairy’, an Alexa-style digital assistant who observes the trials of the humans around them (and occasionally tries to help them out of a jam or two).  Paired’ is ‘meditations and musings from your digital assistant.’ The unofficial description? “Hey…what if Siri wasn’t evil?”

Voice Acting and Actual Play Podcasts

I am blessed to be a weekly guest star on three incredible podcasts, most of which are role-playing games actual play shows.

The Campaign Podcast


Humanoid Resources

Chirp Radio – Radio DJ

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I hosted a three-hour music show on Chirp Radio every Saturday Morning from 6AM – 9AM CST. It was a wonderful experience for two years, from 2014-2016! Click here to listen live to the station; you can view my old DJ playlists here.

Promo Sample

Arcade Audio

Acting board member of Arcade Audio, LLC. Co-Chair and Producer Liaison