Comedy Writing

As a comedy writer with over a decade of experience, I would love to work with you on your next project. I am proud to be working The Onion as a 2019 Writing Fellow this fall, and am always looking for opportunities!

Please go to my Contact page if you’d like to see my portfolio, or message me on my Twitter. And in the meantime, here are some of my current and former projects:

The One-Woman No Show


A live one-woman show, performed by a series of people who aren’t that woman. The One Woman No Show is a monthly show in which I write a solo show for a single performer, a fully-fledged production that will not be revealed to them until they step on the stage. Players cold-read their starring roles, while a world of magic blossoms around them.  Former guest stars include professional wrestler Colt Cabana, SNL writer Katie Rich, Brook Breit, Busy Tonight writer Shantira Jackson, and many more. OWNS has played all over the city of Chicago for the past four years, raising over a thousand dollars for local charities. Stay tuned for a new season soon!

The Toast

Some freelance pieces I’ve written for the dearly departed site The Toast:timid lothario

The Timid Anarchist’s Poetry Book (Selected for “Our Favorite Freelance Pieces of the 2015 – The Toast)

The Timid Lothario’s Poetry Book

The Mary Scruggs Works By Women Festival


Wrote and performed in pieces that were official selections for the Mary Scruggs Works By Women Writing Festival, in 2013 and 2015. In 2015 my piece “STTD” was a prize-winning selection, for which I was awarded a three-week run of a self-written sketch show at Chicago’s Stage 773.

This Was My Year


An end-of-the-year retrospective blog and Facebook page, featuring anonymous posts from friends and strangers, discussing how the past 365 days went for them, paired with semi-related Google Image searches. In 2015 the blog began to commission art pieces using the posts as inspiration, and doubled its audience to 103 submissions.